Amazon Announces (Interesting) Stuff

by Christopher Paul on September 6, 2012

New Kindles all around.

There’s an 8.9″ Fire HD, a 7-inch Kindle Fire, a ‘paperwhite’ Kindle, and the ‘old’ Kindle which has new guts and an even lower price tag.

There are some interesting software features, too. But in addition to them (and the fact that Amazon gutted Google’s OS and, effectively, made it their own), there are actual prices and ship dates.

Oh… and one more thing… A 32GB Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE for $499 – just like Apple’s base WiFi iPad with 16GB. The data plan is very reasonable, too, which (I hope) will upset the mobile carriers a bit and disrupt their crappy plans.

Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are probably a little nervous right now. There are lots of questions to ask of Amazon and Apple in the next few weeks so this is definitely a “stay tuned” kind of space.

Well played, Amazon. Well played.

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