Disabling Comments

by Christopher Paul on September 11, 2012

As of tonight, I’m removing the ability to post comments to the site.

I’ve toyed with the idea for months. I’ve read dozens of pro/con opinions from all over the web. I’ve observed the interaction between the two groups that are or are not in favor of that kind of interaction. I’ve also looked at the site’s new design with and without Disqus enabled to see if there was an aesthetic I liked over the other.

Ultimately, it came down to figuring out the best way to interact with people and I decided that disabling comments on my blog won’t prevent any conversation. In some ways, it could free it up to be more diverse and with a lower barrier. Anyone can write a rebuttal, tweet a response, or share a link on Facebook and control their comments that way. They don’t need my site to provide them with a sounding board; it already exists.

All the comments did was add load-time to my site and put more pressure on me to maintain my spam queue. I hope that people critique me and provide valuable feedback and you’re welcome to do so any way you feel appropriate. However, I won’t house or control that venue.

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