New Site Fonts

by Christopher Paul on September 12, 2012

Good news, everybody!

I’ve figured out how to add type from Typekit to my site. It’s a hack – using their free JS based option – but it’s mostly works. I’m already playing around with using the actual fonts through CSS instead of javascript. What’s holding me up is figuring out how to use differe weights and styles in CSS with a single entry and using the same font-family declaration. I don’t know if I need a seperate declaration for each font file or if I can create a single family with a different source for each weight/style. I think it’s the latter but I don’t know the syntax yet.

Since I’m using the JS hack from Typekit, you might notice the text flicker a bit while the “default” Helvetica font gets replaced by SSP through Adobe’s servers. I’m not happy about it but that’s why I’m working on the CSS. Don’t be surprised if the fonts change on you from time to time as I tryout suggestions. And don’t be too harsh on me if things don’t render correctly; I only want to support Safari but any modern browser (i.e not IE) should support what I’m doing.

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