SpareOne Emergency Phone

by Christopher Paul on September 14, 2012

660 460x460

Having just ordered an iPhone 5, you’d think I wouldn’t want another cell phone.


The appeal of the SpareOne is pretty strong. It’s a very bare bones mobile phone that is meant to be used in an emergency – when the loss of power means no way to charge a traditional cell phone. It runs off a single AA battery. It supports a single ‘Emergency Dial’ button and has nine programable preset buttons – just like the old cell phones from 20 years ago.

Truthfully, I can see this being a great travel phone, too. At $60 it’s damn cheap and small/light enough to keep close just in case. Unfortunately, there are two versions to consider: an American compatible phone and a global one. If you plan on traveling internationally, be sure to get the one that works everywhere but in the US.

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