The Entitlement of Apple Users

by Christopher Paul on September 14, 2012

With confusion and anger towards Apple's new iPhone connector and the accessories needed to match it up with 30 pin dock, I've felt that people somehow have a sense of entitlement towards Apple. They need to get over that. Apple might be passionate about their products and the process that goes into them but they don't owe anyone anything.

I trust they won't make egregiously stupid decisions but if they make one and it changes something that existed before that, they don't owe it to anyone to maintain that previous state. Look at the old processors. I'm sure there are PowerPC based Macs out there running strong but Apple doesn't support them. I'm sure there are iPhone 3Gs out there but you can't get every iOS feature on those models (if at all).

I almost equate drama surrounding the dock connector to be another antennagate. I say almost because, this time, people should know what they're getting; before, one could argue, they didn't know about reception "issues" that turned out to be non-issues in the end.

This is one of those non-issues that everyone knows about in advance.

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