iPhone 5 Benchmarks

by Christopher Paul on September 16, 2012

MacRumors reporting on the iPhone 5’s Geekbench benchmarking results:

The total Geekbench 2 score comes in at 1601. Poole notes that the average score for the iPhone 4S is 629 and the average score for the iPad 3 is 766. A comparison chart of previous iOS devices can be viewed at Geekbench. The numbers seem to validate Apple’s claim that the A6 processor is twice as fast as the A5 and any previous iOS device. This one score also places the iPhone 5 ahead of the average scores of all Android phones on Geekbench.

I know benchmarks don’t mean much but I do like to see the change from model to model or from one version on an OS to another. I wouldn’t compare iOS to Android even though, clearly, MacRumors wanted to highlight that. Still, twice the speed is impressive.

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