Microsoft To Try Windows Media Center Again

by Christopher Paul on November 23, 2012

The Verge and so many others are reporting that Microsoft will try it’s hand at an Apple TV competitor using the Xbox brand.

I tried this very device many years ago when it was called Windows XP Media Center Edition. From what I recall it was a huge success – that is, if you define success to be abysmal failure. Everything from the interface, to the media, to the buggy software, and to the DRM’d store which was shut down a year or two later making everything you “bought” useless.

Let’s not count Microsoft out just yet, though. Google TV is, uh, doing something, right? Just call me skeptical. Even Apple TV is just a “hobby” and this announcement just smells of defensive reaction to rumors of Apple launching a full TV or some other set top box with more power than what they’re currently producing.

via The Loop

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