The Return of Pretty Moviemaking

by Christopher Paul on November 26, 2012

Just days after I linked to an opinion from Shawn Blanc comes a quick piece from Andrew Lapin from The Atlantic. He’s noticed a shift in cinematography from the grainy, sloppy-looking movies from the past few years to artfully created films that give people like Shawn hope the easy-to-produce, lower budget pop movies are a dead fad replaced with something more timeless. He writes:

It’s true that movies tend to look a bit more polished come holiday season, but there’s something especially nice about seeing such exceptional images arriving at a moment when the rest of the industry seems to care so little about looks. These films and their visuals are so important because they reclaim our concept of a movie as a series of meticulously orchestrated images, not merely as whatever happens to flitter past a fast-moving lens. The former is an art form; the latter is any idiot with a camera.

In addition to Lincoln, he calls out Life of Pi and Skyfall as the more popular but masterfully created movies of this season. And there are a few indie and less publicized films he mentions that continue to bring back storytelling in cinema. It’s good to believe we could be witnessing classic movies being made that will stand the test of time.

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