by Christopher Paul on April 23, 2013

Joco coffee cup white package2

If everyday you get your coffee fix from a place that uses paper cups, you’re contributing a significant amount of waste to the environment. Yes, paper degrades but those plastic lids don’t — plus, they can contain chemicals some believe are harmful.

Since I often brew my regular coffee at home, I use a stainless steel travel mug if I need to take it with me. But it’s not really good for the fancier drinks that a barista would make. For that, I’m really thinking of getting a JOCO Cup.

It’s glass so it’s reusable and dishwasher safe. It has a thermal sleeve and what they say is a no splash lid. It’s 12oz which is the right size for most espresso-based drinks. Besides the obvious environmental and health benefits, I like that it doesn’t have a huge green mermaid slapped on the side. Though it has a logo, it’s the kind that says I support good design, the environment, and my local barista. At $25 it might be a little pricey but, if you’re spending $5 on coffee a day, it’s not much to ask for.


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