DuckDuckGo — the Privacy Friendly Search Engine

by Christopher Paul on May 19, 2014

Sometime last year, Google announced it was going to do something stupid like force everyone to use G+ accounts, or changes the ToS to a popular app company they bought. Whatever the reason, there were a few tech blogger who suggested we switch back to Yahoo or try Bing or something. But a smaller search engine is what I’d recommend people try: DuckDuckGo

I’ve written about them before when “Buying Sprees” were the topic du jour a few years back and I make my recommendations for Apple. I sill stand buy them and if Square is pivoting at the moment after just releasing a ‘Pre-Order’ app to replace the PoS app they’ve had for years, it might be an even better pick.

Anyway, Duck Duck Go just launched a new version of the site and I’m very impressed with what it does. It scans Yelp, Wikipedia, and other data sources t the search results. Yes, Google and others have been doing this for years but Duck Duck Go doesn’t track you behaviors and if you want to see ads, you have to turn them on yourself. It’s a much different experience and one that I prefer over the mangled look of Bing or Yahoo.

I’ve used it for almost two years and can’t be happier with my results. They just made it more “Apple-Like” in serving my search results.

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