I’m a huge Simpsons fan. It’s from The Simpsons that I get the title of this blog. There is an episode called “So It’s Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show” where they fill a 30 minute spot with 90% recycled material from shows aired earlier in the year or from other seasons. Even though its mostly clips from others episodes, its still funny in its own way.  The episode is a culmination of success but in positive and negative ways; the show was successful enough to have material to recycle but couldn’t come up with anything more to fill some space. To a degree, this blog is a lot like a clip show.

So It’s Come To This: – the blog – is a culmination of my thoughts opinions, observations, aspirations, and whatever ranting and raving I feel like doing at the time. Like a clip show, much of what I post will be someone else’s material that I link to. I’ll add my own original thoughts and ideas which, I hope, someone will find enjoyable enough to link to themselves.

The site will always be a work in progress; I wouldn’t want to be stagnant in anything I do and I expect to get better with it and what I put in it as time goes on. I can’t say I’ll ever be good enough to be a professional blogger. Hopefully, though, my writings will prove to be a good read if not amusing.

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