Screw You Guys…

by Christopher Paul on August 8, 2005

Its been a long while since I’ve posted but I’m refreshed and ready to hit the blog typing. I’ll get into what I was doing later… possibly another post.


I’ve been really busy at work. I recently launched two projects into production which lightened my work load considerably. I have two other projects but they aren’t as intense as the two that launched. But that’s not exactly why I’m refreshed… I took a vacation!

I took five days off two weeks ago; I was out Wednesday of one week to the following Wednesday. I didn’t go anywhere special but I occupied myself with some intense physical activity. I’m an active guy and go to the gym regularly but it was nice to really push myself – and there was great weather for it!

On my first day off, I got my passport in case I wanted to travel outside of the country. Then I went on a 15 mile hike around the inner streets of NYC. I did some shopping and really enjoyed the cool temp and sunny sky. The next day I roller bladed up and down the West Side Highway and logged another 15 miles. Friday I took it easy but went to the gym Saturday and did more walking Sunday. Monday was a great! I did 20 miles bike riding up and down the West Side Highway and made it all the way up to 165th street from Battery Park City. I ass is still sore from the seat!

I relaxed a little on Tuesday so I had a little rest before getting back to work. The short week went fast and I was still in vacation mode so I didn’t do much. But come Monday, I was ready to work and happy to get back into some sort of a routine. I worked the week and enjoyed the hotter, more humid days inside. On Friday, however, I resigned.

That right, I quit!

I was offered a position at another company and am looking forward to learning new things there. I’ve tried to keep it quiet and not make a big deal about me leaving but my friends are trying to get me to agree to a going away party. Just the fact that I’m leaving has some people shocked but I think I’ve been doing the dignified thing and saying yes when they ask about the rumor but don’t elaborate as to why or where I’m going. People will find out where I’m going anyway but I don’t want it to be a big deal. So I’m trying to figure out when my last day will be. I hope its this Friday but I think it will be next week somehow.

So where does the title come in? Well, the guy who sits across from me and I are South Park fans and we love the Cartman character when he says… “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Who ever leaves the office first gets to say that to those who stay behind to do more work. Now, whenever my last day is, I’ll get to say…

Screw you guys, I’m going home! And really mean it.

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