by Christopher Paul on August 9, 2005

I’m going to Las Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party and as much as I want to see my friends celebrating the last days of being single (although I’d rather celebrate him being married but whatever), I don’t really want to go.

One reason is the money it costs to get there. I think I got a good deal for booking the flight later than I should have and the whole thing will only cost about $450. But even $450 is a lot for me right now because I’m saving for a wedding myself and have a suit and a ring to purchase after all the other items are bought. On top of the airfare, the hotel is going to $130 and its all for what will be one night of fun in Sin City. That’s $580 I could have used elsewhere. I’m sure I’ll be pressured into gambling a little and then the expensive food – its all adding up to be a $700 weekend.

Another reason is that I’m just not into the Vegas thing. I’ve been there before and I can’t say that its anything to write home about. Sure the lights are cool but I live in NYC and you can’t out shine Times Square! I know, I know, the different hotels and casinos are cool to look at and walk through – and that’s true – but I did it before and although I was impressed, I walked away feeling that it was not something that would excite me the next time I went. I’m not into gambling and I can’t see any reason to see a show there. I mean, after Siegfried and Roy got mauled by their own tiger, who cares what else they have going on. There is a good steakhouse there, Smith and Wollensky’s (which is also in NYC) and not as good as the ledgendary Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn.

But the biggest reason I don’t want to go is I don’t want to be away from my fiance this weekend. With me starting a new job, I won’t be around as much. I’ll be working late hours and traveling a lot. And we met at the job I am leaving behind so we work together – its going to be tough not walking to work with her anymore and not being able to stop by her office to see her great smile. We live together, work together, shop, watch TV, and just about everything together and I suffer from separation anxiety when I’m not around her. Hell, right now, she’s doing stuff for the wedding dress she bought and I don’t like being alone at home.

But I’m going to Las Vegas anyway. I fully support my friend’s decision to marry and want to be a part of all the traditions like getting so drunk you forget who you are, gambling all your money away, getting lap dances from “ladies” and other government funded research. I know its not me but I’m willing to put up with it for my friend. Rest assured that when I have a bachelor party, I’m planning it and I’m keeping it low key. I only hope that the red-eye I’m taking home Sunday night won’t be too bad and will let me sleep a little before I start the new job.

They say whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I say whatever happens in Vegas doesn’t make me want to go to Vegas.

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