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by Christopher Paul on September 25, 2005

Even though I am not good at posting to this blog, I was thinking of starting another. This new site would be about Hoboken, NJ where I have been living for the past few years. Its a wonderful place that has so many things going for it. Its so close to the city in distance and culture. It has great bars and restaurants. And it also has a lot of Young Urban Professionals (yuppies, like me) many of them families with babies or small children. The result is an urban environment with many young and energetic people and established families that bring good values to a suburban-like community.

But Hoboken has its share of problems. It shares the advantages of being both urban and suburban; it also gets sprawl, dirty streets, rowdy (and often drunken) crowds, corruption, little parking, skyrocketing real estate, homelessness, and people with attitudes. And while I know I can become an activist in the very vocal sense, I feel a better way to express my frustration with written word. After all, many writers and signers of the Declaration of Independence wrote advocacy papers going back 20 years before Independence Day.

Now I know I will not have a problem finding material to write about. What I will (and do) have a problem with is finding a title for the site and a domain name for it. is taken. So is I don’t want to go with a .org or a .net, .info .something else because most people are so familiar with dot com that they assume it when conversing about some cool new site. So I need some suggestions. And for the peanut gallery out there, please keep your sarcasm to a minimum. I do want to have fun with the title if possible but I do like where I live and don’t want to disrespect it – that’s why I’m blogging about what could be better about the town often referred to as the 6th borough of New York City.

Any ideas?

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