Back (again)…

by Christopher Paul on September 19, 2005

I’m back again and more blogger than ever! Yes, I took a stint away from blogging to start my new job – which I will go into later. But first things first. I want to mention a few sites that I need to plug (somewhat shamelessly) since I think they are really worth the read.

First, I want to point you to No Love For Frank. NLFF is a blog run by my best friend, Frank. Don’t let the title fool you, though. Frank is an amazing philosopher wise beyond his years – he is a wonderful person and has to be the person I respect the most in this world. Be sure to check out the FAQ section so you can understand NLFF. I’ve known Frank since we were in kindergarten together. He’s the best man at my wedding and for good reason. He’s probably seen me at my worst and gotten me through a lot of tough situations.

The next site I need to give props to is Life: The Soundtrack. Life is run by my friend Paul, who I met at my last job. And while we both moved on to bigger and much better things, we keep in touch over IM and have even ran into him and his girlfriend in the street since he works near me. Paul is another person I admire. He’s a smart guy who seems to have life figured out (more or less) and who can always hack something if needed (doesn’t have to be a computer either). Paul has a nack for writing with a LOT of sarcasm (and has the sarcasm meter to prove it!) so his posts are almost always funny.

Now its time to list all the commercial blogs I read. It will give people an idea of what I find interesting and where I point my RSS reader. Here they are in no particular order.


There are others I read but I can’t say that I read them all the time. I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my RSS feed reader and just scan for updates. As a general rule, you should check out all the WebBlogs Inc. sites. They are written very well and cover a lot of topics from cancer and advertising to media like music and television to mortgages.

Now on to the stuff that happened since my last post on Vegas…

I got stuck at the airport in Las Vegas because the plane that was supposed to pick me up never even made it to Newark because of bad weather. They had to find a plane and a crew just to pick us up. We even had to divert to Cleveland to change the crew because the one we found had worked the maximum number of hours in their contract. So needless to say, I was late – by eight and a half hours! I was exhausted having only slept a few hours on the terminal floor and the plane.

The next day, I started my new job. Which with it and my upcoming wedding, has taken my time. So I’ve been busy. There have been a few other things that have happened and if I think of them, I’ll post about them but for now, I’ll just have to sign off with nothing exciting to say.


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