Mile High Club

by Christopher Paul on August 12, 2005

I’m officially a member of the mile high club now! No, its not what you think. I’m blogging from 10,000 ft (or whatever cruising altitude is). I’ve got nothing really to add since my last post so this one will be short and then I’ll go watch the Bourne Supremacy DVD I brought with me. But since I feel obligated to write something now that I started I’ll tell you about my flight experiences thus far.

We just took off – about an hour later than expected so instead of getting in at 10:47, I’ll be getting in around 12am. Thank sucks. My ass already hurts from siting since 8:00 (its 9:50 now) and although my feet are comfortable, the cramp quarters of coach are making my elbows ache and my neck tighten up. No jerks sit next to me so that’s good. Actually there is a rather nice woman sitting to my left who was kind on more than one occasion by passing me a glass of water my way first before herself and her companion. The only nuisance so far are the two girls behind me who kept gabbing the whole time we were waiting on the tarmac.

She’s recently graduated college and is studying for the LSATs and hopes to become a prosecutor for the government. She has a boyfriend who had a paid internship at Goldman Sachs and spent all his time there working his ass off. Good for him. The girl she was speaking to, sitting behind me and my window seat, is from Australia but I couldn’t tell from her accent. But gabby LSAT girl whose name escapes me now talks very much like she is a purebred Valley Girl who grew up somewhere in middle New Jersey. I never liked the Valley Girl speak and cringe when I hear ‘like’ like, a thousand times. Duh.

I didn’t get much out of the girl behind me as she didn’t have much to talk about but they both seem very nice. I think this flight could be enjoyable after all. I think I will ask for an aisle seat the next time, though. The window seat is cool – don’t get me wrong – I get to see many interesting things on the ground which I’ll talk about later. But I like being able to stretch my feet out into the aisle and move whatever elbow I can a little further than two inches from my waist. The in flight movie is one of the greatest, most amazingly dumb movies I have had the pleasure of /not/ seeing: Sahara with Matthew McCounhey. I’ll stick to listening to Eric Clapton play on my iPod thank you very much.

Turbulence sucks.

Anyway… Its about time I sign of again in favor of some cool fighting from my DVD. I’ll tell you about the cool things to see on the ground in the next post. Ooooh… They are passing out drinks!

Rock on!

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