New Colors

by Christopher Paul on January 5, 2006

Ok trusty blog readers! If you missed the other changes I’ve made to the blog, you’re sure to see these:

The new color scheme!

The colors I chose are similar to that of my computer. I custom build my computer and the case for it is also custom. Its a simple black Lian-Li case with an orange acrylic side window. In fact, the picture on the FrozenCPU site – where I bought it from – is it. I always liked the black and orange combination ever since I had a Transformers toys as a kid. That color combination is also represented in the Wing Commander games – which I also enjoyed as a kid – in the Kilrathi ships and fighter pilots. Now that you all know that I am a total geek, lets get back to the subject at hand.

So this post will be the first using the new colors. I’ve written down the old colors so if I get tired of the new ones or people become uncontrollably sick looking at the site, I’ll revert back to the old white style. I can’t say that these colors will stay here for long, though – even if the responses are positive. I’m going to play with other schemes and combinations that might give the site a unique and definitely more me feeling. I’m using the Webmaster’s Color Lab to help me pick the scheme and if anyone wants to use the lab and play around with a scheme, post your color choices in the comments or email me with your preferences.

Either way, let me know what you think!

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