by Christopher Paul on January 13, 2006

I’m getting fat.

When I was in my mid 20’s, I gained a lot of weight. I was working an 8 to 6 job with a two hour commute and lazy eating habits. I had stopped running after I graduated high school and just ate what I wanted in college. Working a full time job like the one I had made things worse and I found myself eating two sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches a day for breakfast and probably the same for lunch. I was 140-150 in high school and ballooned to 215-225. I was fat.

But something happened one day that made me change… a new year’s party where I vowed to quit smoking lead to the following new year’s pledge to eat right. That then followed the next year’s resolution to go to the gym. Within a year, I had lost 65 pounds and gained muscle to boot by getting to 150-155 again. People today wouldn’t even think I was that heavy but I was.

Last year I stopped going to the gym regularly again… I over exerted myself one day and took a two week break from exercise to heal and recover. But I never got back into the routine and I slowly got out of shape again. I’m not even close to the weight I once was but probably in the 165 range with a definite loss in muscle mass.

Not being fit and stressed about things in my life (personal and professional) is keeping me from sleeping. I went to bed a 2AM last night and was exhausted this morning. Knowing that exercise can help people sleep in many ways (better health, forcing one to become tired, etc.) I did get to the gym twice this week and will slowly get back into a more common routine and I think this revelation of me getting fat again will get me there.

This morning, when I tried on my jeans, they were tight. In fact… all my jeans are tight on me. I ripped my favorite pair a few weeks ago and I know that was a sign that I needed to pay attention to. But this morning sent me over the edge. Either its me (or the jeans) are making the fat in my legs extra wobbly and I feel the extra flab there more than ever. It makes me sick, actually, and I want to run out to the gym right now to lift some weights or run a mile.

To make sure I don’t fall off the wagon again, I’m going to use this blog as a fitness log and I will record my exercise activity and post the results of my efforts.

After all, I can’t let my trusty readers down (or me).

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