Rough Week

by Christopher Paul on January 13, 2006

Its been a rough week, folks.

My mind, body, and spirit haven’t been in the game and I’ve been dragging myself and reluctantly doing what I’m supposed to. I did manage to go to the gym twice this week – up from 0 time a week for the last 6 months. I was proud of myself – not for going – but not over doing it. So while I’m sore, I’m not hurting.

I’ve been trying to occupy myself with brainless activities like watching Beauty and the Geek 2, doing crosswords, playing Chuzzle, and whatever will get my mind of work and selling my house. I’ve experimented with the blog and added cool new things like the Google Maps, and the streaming video. But nothing really helps me relax and sleep well enough.

This is the first full week of work in two or three weeks – since the Christmas and New Year holidays – and it threw me for a loop; thank goodness that a long weekend is coming up.

Oops… its almost 12:30 and I should be going to bed. I have to be into work early so I’d better sign off.

Lets hope that the weekend is relaxing.

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