by Christopher Paul on April 18, 2006

So after I got Pink Eye, I went to my optomolgist for a follow-up and second opinion. While there, I told him I was really interested in laser vision correction. He explained it in more detail than he had done before and I still wanted to move forward on it.

Part of the prep work to are if I am a good candidate for the procedure is to go without my contacts for two weeks per decade of use. Have worn contacts since I was 16 so I’m supposed to wait three weeks before I can get fitted – and I still won’t know if I can get the surgery untill he does, what is essentially an ultra sound on my eyes, to make sure the laser won’t cut the cornea too thin.

I’ve got to take a series of measurements to make sure that any errors can be eliminated. This means drops and exams and discomfort for a few weeks.

I hope that I can get the correction done. It would mean no more contacts for me. No more blurry vision and no more maintanence. No more cases to but and no more solution. No more second guessing my sight and no more self conciousness about squinting.

If I can’t get this done, i’ll be forced to get contacts again and will be miserable knowing I have to do this crap forever. I can’t get glasses because one eye is so bad that the lenses will distort the image more than it will focus it.

So its laser correction or bust for me.

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