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by Christopher Paul on April 20, 2006

Its been a slow afternoon so I’ve been taking this opportunity to browse the Interweb for interesting news stories and articles on cool technology. Somehow, I came across FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz allows articles posted on personal blogs to be delivered in email form to a subscriber’s inbox.

Its in ‘opt-in’ system that works only if someone enters an email address and clicks the subscribe button. That way people don’t have to actually visit the site to read the latest post. The free version – from what I can tell – only updates once a day. If you pay the 5 bucks a month, you can customize the look and feel of the email and the frequency of delivery. I just might try it to see if my commercial blog can take advantage of the service.

So if no one minds, try out the subscription feature of So It’s Come To This.

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