Eft’ing Sucks!

by Christopher Paul on October 26, 2006

I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu computer to the latest Edgy Eft and man was that a bad idea. First, I tried to install the server so my wife could learn PHP and toy with AJAX. The install went smooth but when I was done and rebooted… Nothing. Just some error 15. With my normal partition destroyed, I tried to install Edgy with the install CD made from the ISO image I downloaded.

That sucked even more. Not only did it not work… it couldn’t even boot into the install menu; at least Dapper Drake was able to boot into the menu. Granted, I have an ATI video card which I know sucks for Linux and Ubuntu in particular but man…. don’t go backwards with an upgrade. I also know that 6.06 is an LTS build and Edgy isn’t but I don’t know if that should matter either.

So now I have to reinstall 6.06.1 LTS and either try and upgrade using apt-get or just live with 6.06 forever (or at least I get a new video card). Man… this is not what I wanted to do tonight.

Update: Apparently, lots of people are having problems with the Edgy upgrade.

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