Apple Getting A Sweetheart Deal For GCT Store

by Christopher Paul on November 30, 2011

From the NY Post via Mac Rumors

Apple is apparently getting a sweetheart deal on their store coming to Grand Central Terminal.

Critics likewise note that Apple’s $60-a-square-foot lease is well below what many other tenants are paying — including a future Shake Shack burger joint that will be shelling out more than $200 a square foot, according to the leases, copies of which have been obtained by The Post.

Two things:

First, I find it really shady of the MTA to request a percentage of a stores sales. I can’t even imagine Apple taking that request seriously. I bet they had to control their laughter when presented with the idea.

Second, there’s a Shake Shack opening up in Grand Central?? I’ll be in heaven when it does!

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