Make A Great Product, Then Let People Know About It

by Christopher Paul on December 31, 2011

From John Gruber:

Gruber talks about the differences in how Apple makes and markets it’s phones vs other companies:

But they misunderstand what good marketing really is. Here’s how Apple does marketing in a nutshell: Make a great product, then let people know about it. That’s it. Neither aspect of that is easy, but the important thing is it has to happen in that order. It all starts with a great product.

And a great product is defined by the experience of actually using it (including buying it and setting it up) — not by its individual components’ technical specifications.

The only time I look at technical specifications is the amount of storage the iPhone or iPad has (and which one to choose). If I were to get a new laptop, that might change… But I’m not even sure I’ll need one – just an iPad 3 with a wireless keyboard.

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