One For The Country: Bloomberg For President

by Christopher Paul on April 18, 2012

Richard Fineman arguing that New York City’s Michael Bloomberg should run for President after his term as mayor ends.

Bloomberg doesn’t have to win to succeed — or even stay in the race to the very end. Simply by running, participating in the debates and doing respectably in the polls — 15 to 20 percent — he could change the dynamic of the election and, most importantly, the course of the next administration, no matter who heads it. By running on important issues and offering sensible programs for addressing them — and showing that he had the support of the growing number of Americans who describe themselves as independents — he would compel the two candidates to gravitate toward some of his positions as Election Day neared. And, by taking part in the televised debates, he could impose a dose of reality on the election that would otherwise be missing. Congress would have to take note.

I’d vote for Bloomberg is a heartbeat. All in all, I think he’s been one of the best mayors of New York that I’ve seen in the nearly 20 years I’ve been working here. I don’t care what Alex at The Awl thinks.

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