Take a look at the pictures of this BMW M5 after it crashed on the Autobahn while traveling at 186 mp/h.

“This 2012 M5 was traveling at a top speed (approximately 186mph/300kmh) when the driver lost control of the car as he braked and swerved to avoid a car. As the driver of the M5 swerved to avoid a car which joined the highway aggressively (without noticing the oncoming BMW), the M5 struck the divider, bounced off and shot across the highway, where it flipped several times on the grass at the side of the A81.”

The driver, passenger, and a dog in the car all survived. No one was killed despite suffering (serious) injury.

I’m a huge BMW fan and this is not the only 5 Series car I’ve known to protect it’s occupants during a horrible crash. With a crash like this, I know some of it is luck or by grace but you have to respect the amount of design and engineering that went into a car that can travel at 300 km/h

via BMW Blog

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