Apple’s Insult? Really?

by Christopher Paul on September 13, 2012

I find Andrew Leonard's gripe about the new iPhone cable far more insulting than the need for a new cable. How dumb does he suppose his readership is?

First, it's a cable and it comes with the phone.

Second, where was he when Blackberry moved from mini USB to micro USB? Where was the outrage that all my existing chargers and cables at the time didn't work?

Third, if someone's income is down for the year, a $29 adapter will not be their concern after spending a minimum of $199 plus any monthly carrier fees. How can he even say that with a straight face? If someone doesn't have the money for a $29 adapter or a $39 replacement cable, they shouldn't be buying any new phone let alone a $199 one.

Fourth, my Sony Dream Machine has a tape deck. How dare someone come out with a new way of transferring music to my speakers with a new format! And shame on Sony for making my Dream Machine obsolete with a CD player version. Life is hard enough; having to deal with a newer, better, replacement is just the last straw in unforgivable treatment by ever changing technology. Let me remind others that the Sony Dream Machine is an overpriced speaker which he has no problem giving his children. Because, you know, the cost.

Finally, did he honestly start his article by talking about war, death, the future of our country, and income inequality only to say one of the most outrageous stories of the week was the dock connector?? What an asshole! You just insulted half the population of the world with that introduction.

Am I looking forward to having to repopulate my spare cables? No.

But a new cable isn't the end of the world as it is for some in the war ravaged countries he talks about as being less important. Apple's first cable wasn't an industry standard and people did just fine. If you don't want to buy an adapter for your shiny new iPhone, don't buy the new iPhone. Otherwise, go back to your cushy desk and buy your kids more expensive junk they don't need and deal with it.

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