Stamped Bought By Yahoo And WIll Shut Down

by Christopher Paul on December 4, 2012

I received the email from Stamped saying Yahoo had bought them around 1:45 today. I’ll be honest and say it took a while to register what Stamped was; I had forgotten about it until now. But I did enjoy it for a while and stopped because it seemed that only the tech elite used it. It was a simple, beautiful, but usable recommendation tool. Although I had no skin in the game or knew any of the Stamped team, I liked what they made and it’s good to know that Yahoo is picking up this talent. I especially liked this:

The Stamped team will be creating a brand new product and engineering office for Yahoo in NYC’s Bryant Park. After everything we learned from building Stamped, we’re excited to start work again on something big, mobile, and new — but we can’t discuss the details just yet. And we’re really stoked to be able to hire lots of talented engineers and designers for this new project.

Good for Stamped. Good for Yahoo. Good for New York City. I’m excited to see what’s next.

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