App Design Trends For 2013

by Christopher Paul on January 9, 2013

Gannon Burgett from The Industry has listed app design trends he predicts will take shape in 2013. He’s got a good list with great supporting points.

Of the 13 he listed, flatness and gestures are a trend already in full swing; his examples of Windows 8 and Clear, respectively, are spot on. I’ve seen other ‘flat’ apps on iOS – many to do with weather so he’s right with it being number one.

One thing I’m not in agreement on are his thoughts on wider websites. He says:

…when you have the option for creating a responsive site, a 700px wide website leaves too much white space when viewing it on a “Retina” screen or a 27″ iMac.

I’d only agree with him if websites were exclusively targeting 27″ iMacs. But I’m of the opinion they’re going to be targeting tablet and phone users more. As responsive design picks up (which he lists as a trend) and network speeds increase, you’ll see sites steer to single column sites with fonts that are easy to read in portrait mode on an iPad or iPad mini or those narrower tablets from Amazon and Samsung. When I redesigned my website last year, I wanted single column blog with the iPhone and iPad in mind but I’m not a magazine or displaying ads so my design drivers could be different.

All the others seem like good predictions and hopefully they will be 2013 trends. I’m particularly excited about the font prediction, too, because I sometimes feel my site’s font size is too big. If the prediction comes true, I just might feel like a trend setter – a hipster of font sizing, if you will.

via The Loop

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