Poster 2.0

by Christopher Paul on January 15, 2013

Poster, one of my all time favorite iOS apps, was updated to 2.0 over the night. I’ve raved about Poster before and have gone to use it so much that I almost don’t use any other Markdown app for iOS. There are too many improvements to list so check out the app’s homepage and take a look at it on the App Store for a bulleted list of changes.

The app is an absolute bargain for $3.99 and when some blogging apps go for $9.99 or more without Markdown support and certainly don’t look or work as well as Poster. Even some regular Markdown editors go for more.

I’ve emailed Tom on occasion offering my appreciation for his work and offered some feedback to consider. He seems like a great guy and I’m happy to support his fantastic work.

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