Actual Facebook Graph Searches

by Christopher Paul on January 23, 2013

Facebook’s new search solution, Facebook Graph, is full of promise and, to me, down right scary. I’m certainly no luddite but the information Facebook has on us – and the ability to scour people’s profiles for it – could have some serious consequences. A Tumblr called Actual Facebook Graph Searches shows how fun but crazy this could be.

On the ironic side, we have Jews who like Bacon. On the scary side, we have Married People Who Like Prostitutes (with a side list of their spouses) and Current Employees Who Like Racism.

I see three options to avoid being embarrassed on Facebook:

  1. Frequently check your privacy settings and restrict it as much as possible.
  2. Don’t ‘Like’ anything on Facebook.
  3. Don’t use Facebook.

The last one is probably a bit extreme but it’s the ultimate solution. The rule of thumb is that don’t do or say anything on line that you wouldn’t want to talk your employer or loved ones about. It’s amazing how often that rule gets broken.

via Kottke

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