The Top North American Beer Festivals

by Christopher Paul on January 25, 2013

Like many guys, I’m a beer drinker. For some reason, my senses can tell the differences in beer and Scotch (and other whiskeys) but not wine or other distilled liquors. Of course, I’m not into just any beer. I avoid the larger breweries that make the swill America is, sadly, most famous for and favor the microbrews that experiment with smaller batches and more distinctive offerings. Most of the time, I just go to a bar or a decent store to discover new beers. Top Hops is a favorite place of mine and if you live in the city, it’s one of the many places you should go to find something great. You can also go to beer festivals and Outside Magazine compiled their top ten North American beer festivals.

Sadly, there’s only one in New York but it looks pretty interesting. Still, Brooklyn has a great beer culture and there are quite a few good breweries to visit. But if you happen to live in the Northeast or Midwest, there are some great looking festivals to go to.

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