The Best 12 Volt Cordless Drills

by Christopher Paul on January 26, 2013

It’s rare that I talk about tools that don’t involve hardware or software, here. I’m not as handy with the traditional kind like my father and uncles. I certainly wish I was but I don’t think I have the space, patience, or risk tolerance for hard core craftsmanship. Someday, I’d like to change that but, until then, I’ll stick to being the computer guy.

That said, I still apply the theory that if you’re going to get a tool, you should get the best (and right) tool for the job. And if you’re looking for a cordless drill, Gear Patrol has a good roundup of some of the best. The usuals are there, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch. Missing is Ryobi – which is Home Depot’s brand. I guess it didn’t make the cut.

When I was looking for a drill (I have some tools), I opted for corded because they were a little stronger and less expensive. But I sometimes regret the decision thinking it’s not the right tool because the cord gets in the way. I don’t use a drill often enough to replace it so you could say it was still the right one to get. But if I do decide to get handy on something other than a circuit board, I’ll be sure to revisit this list.

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