The Perfect Beer Glass

by Christopher Paul on February 9, 2013

Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head breweries worked with famed glass maker Spiegelau to make the worlds best,scientifically engineered, IPA glass.

After testing out dozens of iterations, the craft breweries’ respective materminds, Ken Grossman and Sam Calagione, landed on the design above. The composition helps with three things: The thinness keeps the beer cold. The ridges on the bottom aerate the liquid and reinforce the robust head (which traps the carbonation). And as opposed to scent-catapulting normal pint glasses, the aromas are captured by the concave, snifter-like top, which Calagione calls in the video below an "olfactory cannon" aimed at your nose.

The right beer glass makes all the difference. If I didn’t already have a great set of Spiegelau glasses already, I’d be tempted to get a few when they come out in the spring.

via The Loop

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