Smiles for the People

by Christopher Paul on April 20, 2013

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I’ve been searching for a more responsible toothbrush for at least two years. My local organic market has some that are made from recycled plastic and offer recycling programs for the ones they make. But they are still plastic. Now, it seems like I found as close to a natural toothbrush as I can get.

Smiles for the People makes toothbrush where the handle is made out of bamboo. Bamboo, if you didn’t know, grows like a weed and and is highly sustainable. Of course, it’s biodegradable so it won’t last longer than you.

Making Smiles for the People even more awesome, they’ll set you up with a subscription to get a new brush every three months and for every brush you buy, they’ll give one away to someone who needs it.

It does look like they use plastic bristles which isn’t ideal. There are companies that toothbrushes with boar hair but it’s hard to find one with without a plastic handle and they don’t always last very long. I’m going to give this one a change, though. The subscription thing is almost enough to support them but the philanthropy certainly helps.


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