Disney Gives Pixar Heroine A ‘Sexist’ Makover

by Christopher Paul on May 13, 2013

Disney is under fire from one of its character creators for altering the Brave protagonist’s look:

Disney crowned Merida its 11th princess on Saturday, but ignited a firestorm of protest with a corporate makeover of Chapman’s original rendering of the character, giving her a Barbie doll waist, sultry eyes and transforming her wild red locks into glamorous flowing tresses. The new image takes away Merida’s trusty bow and arrow, a symbol of her strength and independence, and turns her from a girl to a young woman dressed in an off-the-shoulder version of the provocative, glitzy gown she hated in the movie.

I can’t say Brave was my most favorite Pixar movie to come out in its history but I thought Merida was one of the better characters. I know I certainly appreciated the attitude and confidence they gave her. Given the criticism Disney faced in earlier animated movies, you’d think they’d learn – especially given what they’ve done appears to be in direct conflict with the character’s personality.

I wonder what other changes they’ll make to Pixar movies and characters.

via Boing Boing

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