Marco Arment on Tumblr Founder, David Karp

by Christopher Paul on May 20, 2013

Marco Arment on Tumblr founder David Karp:

David always obsessed over his newest ideas, features, and designs until they were completely polished and ready to go. He’s a workaholic — he truly lives and breathes Tumblr. I’ve never even seen him show any desire to work on a side project. David is all Tumblr, all the time.

He expects people around him to be similarly into work and Tumblr, and often drove me hard with seemingly impossible demands. But David has a lot of Steve Jobs-like qualities, and like many people who worked for Steve, I look back on Tumblr’s crunch times with mixed feelings: I don’t want to return to that stress level, but David pushed me to do amazing work that I didn’t think was possible.

Marco has nothing but nice things to say about David and the more I read about this deal, the more excited I am at what could happen. It’s good to be excited for the web again.

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