Designing For iOS 7 On An iOS 6 Brain

by Christopher Paul on August 3, 2013

Jeff Rock on how iOS 7 is forcing him to rethink his UI designs:

I was unsettled at first, but now I’m pretty happy about it. I’ve traded in all those rich techniques for freedom. I don’t fret about customizing tab bars anymore, or wonder if the noise filter on the background is too pronounced. I work in shape and color. I’m back to focusing on information architecture and interface design instead of finish work and filigree. I’m finding that I’m able to interate faster and edit with less hesitation. My PSDs hierarchies are flatter. Views are more purposeful and content is amplified.

Designing for iOS 7 is realigning my design priorities and forcing me to exercise some of those parts I’ve let atrophy. It’s forcing all designers to think harder and focus on deference and intent. And that might be the greatest thing Apple achieves with this redesign, both for you and for me.

I’m running the latest beta of iOS 7 on my iPhone 5. It’s not installed on any other of my iDevices I use for work or the ones my wife and son use. After getting used to the changes (which took about a week), I’m excited to see the next generation of apps use the new UI for inspiration. With 95% of developers saying they plan to update their apps, this can only be a good thing.

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