What It Feels Like To Have Schizophrenia

by Christopher Paul on August 14, 2013

This Quora discussion on what it’s like to live with schizophrenia is fascinating. Reading their personal experiences opens up a whole new level of understanding, empathy, and heart break for me. At the same time, it’s really encouraging to see others connect, discuss, and share their successes (and failures) at managing their experiences. Here’s a snippet from Anon:

Some days you have important information about people/events/rules that other people aren’t aware of. Sometimes it is extremely vital that you sit in a certain spot on the train – or that you have to avoid milk because its part of an attempt to control our minds. These are rules that you know for a fact are true, yet other people don’t seem to know about it, and just don’t understand if you try to explain.

via Boing Boing

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