Lead Still Found In Lipstick

by Christopher Paul on August 16, 2013

Historically, heavy metals have been used in cosmetics for centuries. Today, their use has largely gone down. But Deborah Blune writing for the New York Times highlights that many cosmetics still contain trace amounts of lead and other toxic elements:

Most lipsticks contain at least a trace of lead, researchers have shown. But a new study finds a wide range of brands contain as many as eight other metals, from cadmium to aluminum. Now experts are raising questions about what happens if these metals are swallowed or otherwise absorbed on a daily basis.

The concern is that even small traces of lead will build up over time – especially when lipstick is applied several times a day. Cadmium is particularly hazardous; it's thought to be carcinogenic, an environmental hazard, and can cause kidney failure.

If you're concerned about your exposure, limit your use and use EWG's Cosmetics DatabaseCosmetics Database for a list of the published ingredients and any data associated with those chemicals to help make an informed decision.

via Boing Boing

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