On Gotham And Opinions

by Christopher Paul on September 5, 2013

Rands wrote a long, excessively so, post on the ex-Instagram filter, Gotham, which was depreciated with the 2.0 release. Many people get upset when filters are changed or removed completely. But it’s guys like him that mercilessly work to recreate what was taken for us in another form.

Many dear friends wish I would shut the fuck up regarding the Gotham filter. It’s not happening because obsessing about the details not only continues to educate me, it also provides me the opportunity to form a well-constructed opinion. In a world where we mindlessly repeat the loudest and most compelling tweets as fact, a well-constructed opinion is rare. It’s rare because a well-constructed opinion can defend itself. Through a combination of experience, facts, and, occasionally, passion, a well-constructed opinion is a refreshing signal among a sea of unstructured, unattributed noise.

But it’s this point on knowing your facts and being educated in something is very rare and a critical success factor when delivering a message with confidence and conviction.

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