Mapping The Accessibility Of Public Transit

by Christopher Paul on February 10, 2014

One of the reasons I love living in New York City is access to some of the greatest doctors in the world. As I age, it will become important to use their leading care. Getting to the doctors, however, could be challenging.

As this interactive map shows, the number of subway stops that are accessible is not as great as you’d think. And New York is not alone in this neglect.

Of course, in NYC, there are plenty of buses, cabs, and special access vans for those who need it but that certainly does increase the cost and time it takes to navigate a very small space. Moreover, the outer boroughs don’t always have the same amenities as Manhattan further disenfrancishing the disabled poor.

There isn’t an easy fix for this. Most of these systems were designed over 100 years ago when no one cared.

via Atlantic Cities

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