Secrets From Voiceover School

by Christopher Paul on February 19, 2014

Karen Melgar writes about students studying to be voiceover artists:

Voiceover is “purity of form,” says Harvey Kalmenson, who wears glasses and has a brown buzz cut. “You can be whatever you want to be in voiceover, because when you’re behind that microphone and you’re conveying what you think is the truth, people are hearing you, they’re not seeing you.”

The truth they speak of in these voiceover classes has to do with an inner you—knowing who you are and why you are presenting yourself to the world in this way. That is what is difficult and beautiful about voiceover, the Kalmensons believe, and it is the reason it takes so many years to perfect this type of acting.

And it is a form of acting. If you look at the IMDB profiles of the popular voiceover actors, you’ll see a long and varied list of performances they gave. And the talent they showcase by changing their voices seems harder to me than the more “traditional” acting because you have to summon the emotion without having to use a scene for inspiration.

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