What Broadband Competition Is Supposed To Look Like

by Christopher Paul on February 25, 2014

Techdirt reports:

While Google Fiber may never be a nationwide broadband presence, the company’s entry into a handful of markets has at least given us a hopeful glimpse at what healthy broadband competition should actually look like. In Austin, for example, Google Fiber expects to start connecting users later this year, offering symmetrical 1 Gbps connections for just $70 a month. They also offer a free (what a concept) 5 Mbps tier if you pay a one-time $300 connection fee. Google’s market entry in turn prompted AT&T to promise $70 1 Gbps connections in order to save face. More recently, a cable operator by the name of Grande Communications joined the fun, promising 1 Gbps lines for $65. Even Time Warner Cable, not known for aggressive or even pro-active deployments, is now offering 300 Mbps in Austin.

As much as I dislike the information Google collects on me, I’d gladly give up a bit of that information to bring 1 Gbps broadband to the New York City area – especially if it meant Verizon and Time Warner/Comcast started to compete.

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