Secret Life Of A Celebrity Chauffeur

by Christopher Paul on May 29, 2014

This week, Narratively has been posting stories about "invisible people" who work or exist behind the scenes of the everyday or are just one of thousands but still with a unique story to tell. This one about a limo driver in Hollywood caught my attention:

Donal “Sully” O’Sullivan unlocks the door to his gleaming black Lincoln town car, a majestic vehicle that stands out in a row of smaller, dusty economy cars. The new-car smell wafts throughout the limo, with its leather seats and complimentary water bottles for passengers. Sully climbs into the driver’s seat and closes the door, disappearing, along with the secrets of his clientele, behind dark tinted windows.

Sully has been a limousine driver in Los Angeles for the past ten years. He is fifty-eight years old, tall and lanky with a chiseled jaw and grey-blue eyes. His Irish brogue makes everything sound like it will have a punch line. He has driven Hollywood executives, B-list actors and world-famous celebrities. “Every time I look at the telly, I see somebody that I have a story about,” he says. But Sully won’t gossip or divulge their secrets. “If somebody takes you into their confidence in a really personal way, especially the rich and famous, you have to rise to that level of trustworthiness.”

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