iOS 8 Privacy Updates

by Christopher Paul on July 7, 2014

Apple's update to iOS running on iPhones and iPads has been tested by developers for almost a month. I have it running on my personal device because I'm a sucker for new things even if they won't work right. Without giving too much away, I'm impressed with the changes – and the state of the betas which are much better than the iOS 7 updates (understandably so). Even the update from Beta 1 to Beta 2 felt like a huge improvement and I almost don't even know I'm using unfinished software.

I'd recommend you watch this year's WWDC Keynote to get an idea of everything that's coming (presumably) in the fall. But if you want a better idea of the privacy features that are updated in iOS 8, you should read Luis Abreu's roundup. There are some technical elements to it but I think even the non-developers will appreciate how he talks about the new privacy prompts and settings and what they mean to you, the end user.

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