Sunscreen… You’re Doing It Wrong!

by Christopher Paul on July 21, 2014

Healthcare Triage takes a look at sunscreens and explains how much you should be wearing to fully protect yourselves from the sun. Like all of his videos, he goes into the research and debates the links that are often shared in social media — you know the ones that usually add FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) into something.

And speaking of sunscreen, Vox had an article on SPF in sunscreens earlier in the week. I meant to write about it here when it came out but seeing the video above gave me all the more reason to do it.

The tl;dr version of them both: larger SPFs don’t give you much extra protection. And the amount of sunscreen you need to achieve the SPF waiting is much more than you probably use. So whatever you do, don’t buy a high SPF sunscreen (say, 100) and use half as much as you would compared to an SPF 50.

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