30 Third-Party Apps for Journalists

by Christopher Paul on July 30, 2014

Joanna Geary crowdsourced a list of 30 third-party twitter apps for journalists. Tim Carmody, who’s writing for Kottke this week, highlighted a few of his favorites.

If there is one thing that Twitter could do better (besides increasing the character limit to 256 — which I think would be better for more “mainstream” users) is better list management. I was planning on spending an hour or two just going through my lists and followers one Saturday just so I can get a bit more out of the service. Using something like TweetBe.at — and the other services listed — might be helpful.

I keep my “following” list pretty low — and I think I should lower it still. I’ve created lists by subject and added people to them so, when I need to, I can easily find relevant content without the cluttering my main feed. Some lists I keep are for NYC/Hoboken emergencies (when Hurricane Sandy hit the area), the New York Yankees and New York Giants, and Apple news.

via Kottke

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