AP Sells Sponsored Tweets Without Twitter

by Christopher Paul on January 7, 2013

For this year’s CES, the Associated Press is going to publish two sponsored tweets a day from Samsung. A few other tweets from Samsung might show up from one of it’s reporters. As MG notes, it could be tricky for the AP and Twitter alike. AP could make some money from Twitter’s backbone cutting off sponsored tweets at the knees.

Personally, I’d rather see sponsored tweets come from a person/company on Twitter rather than Twitter itself. That way, I can control who I see in my feed if they spam me with too many ads. In fact, I see this as a monetization opportunity for Twitter to allow it’s users to sell ads and it get take a cut – much like Apple does with iAds. If Twitter could develop the tools to allow ad brokering for it’s users, it could be a good balance and further increase the adoption of the service.

Since I haven’t read the ToS for Facebook or Twitter (despite using them), I don’t know if this isn’t allowed. But assuming they aren’t expressly forbidden, a Facebook page could do the same. Again, I find this idea very interesting. On Facebook’s mobile app, I’m bombarded with sponsored posts and I can’t do anything about them. I don’t want to see that with Twitter. Allowing this as an alternative advertising platform could be a better delivery service where relevance is key.

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