Tools For Learning

by Christopher Paul on January 22, 2013

Patrick Rhone has recently decided he wants to focus on writing for his site full time. I’m glad he did because I’ve always enjoyed the his less frequent posts and have been very pleased with the quality even though he writes everyday.

Recently, he listed some of the tools and resources he uses to learn new things. Most of them are pretty standard like the dictionary and Wikipedia. But it’s use of Wikipedia that I liked the most. I’m more of a “did you know” or “on this day in history” kind of guy. But reading a randomly selected article has a nice way to get you to read something you otherwise wouldn’t have clicked on yourself. Even with great curation, not everyone is going to care that today marks the anniversary of the deadliest earthquake ever.

By using the random article link, I learned that Winkles is a town in Germany) that dates back to 1237.

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